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Kevin rudd
s the Prime Minister of Australia and the leader of the Australian Labor Party. He also served as Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010.

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I'll pass it on to my team and see what they think. KRudd

EDIT: The original poster has edited their question. Their original question was:

Have you considered using this as a last minute campaign ad?

Kevin’s answer above was in reference to that. KRudd team

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Back at ya j3za dog...

The media have their view - it's been out there, and people will I think see it for what it is.

As for the NBN, that's a crucial issue for Australia, our economy, tapping the potential of our creative people, and for, of course, all people on Reddit who also like gaming, videos and so on. If you haven't already seen it, take a look at

KRudd dog

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Dropbears. Dropwombats. KRudd

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Thank you for asking about this. It’s an important topic for people across Australia, and we don’t get many chances to discuss it. Issues like depression, self-harm, stress, alcoholism – these are all issues that blight lives and stop people from reaching their potential. The impact on families is also acute.

We’ve taken this area very seriously. We invested in “headspace” centres where young people can get help. It’s vital because mental health issues affect one in every four young Australians in any given year.

I was going to announce this in the next couple of days, but since you’ve asked I’ll tell you now. If we’re re-elected, a government I lead will put in a $34 million investment to open another 10 headspace centres so that we have 100 across the country. We’ll also be expanding e-headspace so people can get access to advice online too. That’s an important investment – money we want to put in so that we have services that can help.

Headspace centres are working – 90% of young people who have used the service reported mental health improvements – and with this expansion, we’d be able to help 80,000 young people every year.

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Australia has freedom of the press. The truth is Mr Murdoch owns 70% of the print media in Australia. This includes the Courier-Mail, The Sunday Mail in Brisbane (which is a one newspaper town); The Adelaide Advertiser and the Sunday Times in Adelaide (which is also a one newspaper town); the Hobart Mercury; The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph in Sydney, and the Herald-Sun and Sunday Herald-Sun in Melbourne.

Mr Murdoch has made plain he wants to see Mr Abbott installed as Prime Minister.

Mr Murdoch's views are also reflected virtually every day on the front pages of the above newspapers. The Australian people will decide whether they think this is fair and balanced reporting. It's worth having a look at Media Watch and in the meantime that's why it is so important for all you guys out there in the social media space to express your own views and opinions on what's important to you in this election campaign. KRudd

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Getting closer and closer, which is good. As for the language, perseverance and singing in the shower, helps with the tones. KRudd.

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Thanks JediCapitalist.

I would emphasise both dropbears and dropwombats represent a key attraction to international visitors to our country. But you don't always know when they are going to strike :) We should also not mention the number of venomous spiders and snakes :) For the real picture on why you should visit Australia, click here. KRudd

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My personal belief is that the time for marriage equality has come.

I've also said that within 100 days of the government being re-elected, Parliament would consider legislation. The way to get such legislation passed is for Mr Abbott to allow a conscience vote for his party just like we allow for ours. In any debate on these sorts of questions, the Australia of the 21st century should not tolerate any element of homophobia. KRudd

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I am passionate about the NBN.

If you value our NBN then you've got to get people to vote for it. Because Mr Abbott is going to disconnect it. Here are the basic differences between our fibre-optic plan for the 21st century and Mr Abbott's clapped out copper wire plan from the previous century. And you're right, upload speeds are the key to the future. Which is why the NBN isn't optional, it's mandatory. KRudd