Kevin Rose

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is a former American Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk. He also served as production assistant and co-host at TechTV's The Screen Savers. As of 2012, he is a venture partner at Google Ventures.

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thekevin129 karma

Having built Digg, I have a pretty thick skin, this thread is pretty tame actually.

thekevin101 karma

Good question, I'd love to do one, probably around SXSW or another conference -- I'll be in LA soon so I'll talk to Alex about it.

thekevin96 karma

Steve, I was all for a URL shortener and tracking clicks to display counts on permalinks -- but I was always against framing content w/ a toolbar. The argument I was presented with (initially) was to displayed this bar for "power users" that opted in. Also, (not sure if you know this, was before your time) I killed the first toolbar that was born out of a dev hackathon.

thekevin78 karma

A few months after Digg launched I remember hearing about reddit launching, I went to check out the site and I can't recall if I signed up or not... I think my first account was a couple years ago.

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It was a great run, we needed a (liver) break after all those episodes. I'm sure Alex and I will do something again in the future.

thekevin57 karma

we'll do one, not sure when, but it will happen.

thekevin50 karma

I'm here now.

thekevin49 karma

I see Prager at least twice a week, Glenn every couple weeks.