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is a music and soundtrack composer, known for his work on movies and his distribution of royalty-free music through his website, Incompetech. MacLeod has made around 1000 pieces of music freely available for download.

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kevinmacleod81 karma

99.96% electronic. With the deadlines these days, they are just so much faster to revise. Also, where are you going to get a bagpipe player at 4am?

And if you DO get a bagpipe player at 4am, how do you find a new apartment?

kevinmacleod79 karma

Sadly, yes! I'll often think... "huh... sounds like me". But yeah, things I've made years ago I'll forget about. Good to know other people haven't forgotten! :-)

I'm a fan of the game "The Stanley Parable"... certainly did not expect to hear me IN it!

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YouTube has a pretty decent method of challenging bad claims... that being said, it is not optimal - and at worst confusing. I CAN say that no one has ever gotten a copyright strike for using my music. But I understand having a claim against a video is not a fun time.

That will be covered in the upcoming documentary.

Lawrence Lessig (Creative Commons) is scheduled to be interviewed about this. He was apparently excited to hear about the story!

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Technically that's not enough, but I'm not going to sue you for it.

The best thing you can do for my sanity is to put those titles in. Many users will email me directly to ask what a piece is... and I often don't know. So, if you're not putting in the titles, at least put in your email address so YOU get those requests! :-)

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Backdoor Sluts 9 (makes Crotch Capers 3 look like Naughty Nurses 2).

kevinmacleod51 karma

1) This goes back to a basic philosophy of music. If I can find a way for more people to hear what I've done, I've made more of an impact. I could sell it places, sure... but I really enjoy writing music that enhances narratives. RF is the best way to do that today.

2) "Pride" is a longer discussion than I have time for here.

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Thanks for driving a wedge between me and everyone I don't mention!

I like Nilsey from the Yogscast and Blame Society quite a lot. And Glove and Boots. And Numberphile.

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Well, I do make something off of those commercials. My standard license is $30. And yeah, when Coke did a radio ad with my music - the negotiator called me up. I quoted them $30. They sent me $1500. That was nice!

I didn't know I was in a beer ad, though!

Also, I don't have a TV.

kevinmacleod38 karma

PowerPark in Finland. They're using a LOT of my music all over the place... backgrounds, line queues... I'm also in talks right now for doing new music for a park in the UAE. The park in Poland is no more.

I don't think I make that much music... I've just done it for a long time now.

Sometimes there is writers' block... but never on a project. The problem is always just culling the possibilities to the best ones.

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Yeah, I get at least one donation every day, and I think people are good. (also, please donate!) The licensing has been pretty successful, yes. I get more licenses than donations most days.

And yes, I did poke at a political ad I saw on TV once while on vacation... I saw they didn't have a license, and they certainly didn't credit. They sent me a check for way more than they needed to... So, I'm not complaining about that. :-)