Kevin Barnes

800px kevin barnes from of montreal in sweden 2005 11 03
is the singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter for the indie rock group of Montreal, part of the Elephant 6 Collective.

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probably not, unless we did a tour of kindergartens or something.

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I do talk some of the E6 peeps from time to time, I was just thinking today about what a genius W Cullen Hart is.

i don't do psychedelics anymore, if anything i might smoke a j or drink some gin or whatever but i'm not much of a drug enthusiast.

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i don't believe in karma or an afterlife that resembles this life, i imagine and hope that when we die we lose our sense of individualism and become energy for the universe, i don't wanna take the burden of consciousness/identity into an afterlife.

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oh, and Hi Maxine:-)

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hey man:-) ha ha, thanks, i just follow the Iggy Pop workout method of push ups and running, no real weight lifting...

i don't really think about the past too much, i don't worry about it or reflect on it, i'm too engaged in the present.

i've started compiling a collection of poetry and tking that a bit more seriously but i haven't written any more essays.

i have made people upset in the past cause they felt a certain song was too personal and really only told my half of the story, i totally understand that, but i feel it is important to write from my personal life, mainly cause it helps me work through things and helps my mental state, it's therapy basically

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OC is a song warning me to not be so detached. it's easy for me to just live inside my head and not be sensitive to other people's feelings/'s kind of like when people get a tattoo to be a constant reminder of someone or something, this song is sort of like that

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Hey Ya'll, thanks so much for taking part in this, it was great to connect with you on a cyber-personal level:-) take care and good luck and break a leg and stay positive and don't forget to pray to the gods of Jean Giraud!!!!

sincerely KLB

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i'm fairly happy most of the time, or at least i'm not miserable most of the time, i'm a pretty simple animal

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all fulfillment is fleeting so i don't really carry around happy memories, i'm always chasing the feeling and hoping it will come again, but when it passes it was almost like it never happened

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he's great, i'd love to work with him again. he taught me a bunch of things, mainly, how to "frame" a mix-meaning how to add certain sounds to create a more panoramic visual image, also he encouraged me to avoid short cuts like cut and paste while creating an arrangement on a computer, even if it was something like recording a simple maraca track he'd play it all the way through and not just play a couple bars and cut/paste them throughout the song. it was a great education working with him. he made me wanna work harder and become a better musician cause it was so humbling seeing what he could do on any instrument he picked up.