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is the creative director and co-founder of Irrational Games. He led the creation of the multi-million selling, multiple "game-of-the-year" award-winning video game BioShock

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Just tell me I'm pretty.

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Our dog petting technology is way behind the curve.

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All right, here you go...

We're proud to announce that Garry Schyman, composer of BioShock 1 and 2 has returned to the composer's chair for BioShock Infinite. His score is very different from the first two games, yet very much guided by the same aesthetic principles. We were lucky to have him and I can't wait until you get to hear some of his stuff. He's working in a different, sparer style, but it's awesome.

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making it scared me as an adult.

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This was submitted by Adrian Murphy, one of our producers. Should I hold him?

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It's going to be porn. Lots and lots of porn.

Seriously, whoever is doing the Elizabeth porn on deviantart, please stop it. You're killing me. It's like coming across a picture of your daughter. I die a little inside with every page view.

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Oh, there will be pics. And you will be AROUSED.

check @iglevine later on today/tonight. (it's up now).

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There's a bunch, but I will tell you a true story:

Todd Howard once tweaked my nipple, and I liked it.

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I'd say it's very much like BioShock 1 in terms of length and replay. Perhaps a bit more, because we have this very large selection of gear and vigor and weapon upgrades. There's another kind of replay value which is more story oriented, but I can't really talk about that without spoiling shit SO DON'T ASK.

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It was fun, but I never felt the need for games to have mainstream recognition as a form of validation of them as an art form. I generally prefer stuff like this than going to award shows or fancy events. I'd rather stay home, tweet, eat ice cream and play Xcom.