Keiji Inafune

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Keiji Inafune is a video game producer and illustrator.

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I was a newspaper boy for 2 years, starting in the 5th grade. I saved up to buy a radio for myself, and a pearl necklace for my Mom.

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I have seen it, and I love it! It's more of a comedy, but honestly it's great even as a zombie's a definite favorite.

European zombie movies are different from American ones, aren't they? There tend to be realy unique, with great atmosphere...I'm a big fan in general.

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It wasn't that Capcom was awful, or that it's a horrifying company or anything...

This might get a little philosophical... But I truly believe that, if you want to grow as a human being, you can't take it easy -- and at Capcom, things were not easy, but because of that I was able to gain a lot of skills and experience... I was able to grow as a game creator and a person.

As for any people's negative attitude toward Capcom -- I would guess that these people are actually huge Capcom fans, they are just not happy with certain aspects of the current state of the company. I myself might not understand every decision going on at the current Capcom, but I still like them as a company, and consider myself a fan.

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1 or 2... Probably 1. Even though it's probably the hardest, I played that one the most.

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Hmm... I don't know about favorite, but if I limit myself to current gen -- I'm a big Assassin's Creed fan.

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On Dead Rising, at that time we were working on Resident Evil 4, and that game featured a new kind of zombie -- they were running, and talking, and holding weapons... Nothing against that at all, I love RE4, but I was thinking the old, traditional type of zombie game might go away.

So I wanted a game with more traditional zombies as well, where they were really the star over any other main character, and that's where we started from on Dead Rising.

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Well, I did hope for some good fan reaction -- I had heard the voice of the fans asking for this type of game many times before, which is why I went to Kickstarter. But the amount that we've been able to get has been overwhelming -- as a creator I feel more united with my players than ever, which is a great feeling.

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"X" is just "X" -- not "Mega Man X" :)

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Well what I've been influenced by is actually not games so much, but other media -- like the show "Heroes," the Peter Petrelli character who could absorb powers. In Mega Man you took weapons from the bosses, but in Mighty No. 9 you take their abilities -- part of this idea came form that show.

Also the anime Cyborg 009 -- it had nine cyborgs, all of whom were great characters, all with distinct personalities. That was a big influence as well, since I want to make the robot bosses less disposable in this game -- I want to give them more personality, and make them more important and memorable.

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Well, I can't talk about all the ideas scrapped while I was at Capcom...and probably shouldn't talk about the ideas that didn't make it now either, in case I end up needing to go back to them later! lol

But to be honest, even though I have a lot of ideas that haven't been made, I don't really have many ideas that were "scrapped." Sometimes I've been told they were good ideas, they just couldn't be made yet for one reason or another... So if you are a publisher and really want to hear them, let me know heha ;)