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Shut up, Greg. Don't you have some My Little Pony porn to watch?

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Thanks, Greg. This is one of our writers- one who tried to kill me in a recent hot sauce competition by the way. I'm working from home today...you know, like you do every time you get the Jack Daniel's flu.

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Christina Hendricks.

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Thanks for starting this off! Good question- and you're right, most of our viewers are men. Like any program, we cater to our demographic. While this is fun sometimes- most of my interests fall into the "traditionally male" demographic and I get paid to talk about comic books and video games all day- I'm a third-wave feminist, and I have to remember who I'm writing for when I craft my segments.

As far as how I feel about men staring at my breasts, well...I like being naked. I wouldn't say I'm an exhibitionist, because I don't get any sort of thrill from people staring at me, but I've always been relatively comfortable with my body and it makes me happy to work in a field where we're actively trying to break the stigma against nudity as something to be fetishized.

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Unfortunately, I'm not. I'm wearing a Richard shirt from the LFG webcomic and I'm not wearing any makeup. Work from Home day means I get to wear pants. Pants are a novelty. I like pants. (And with that, the downvotes commence. ;) )

Edited because I mistakenly wrote the wrong Lar/Sohmer comic down

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It's funny. I catch more people staring at my breasts when they're covered. Most people go out of their way to look me in the eye when I'm naked. It's a weird phenomenon...how would you react if a topless girl interviewed you? I'm actually shocked at how polite most people are.

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I've gotten to travel the world, interview some really amazing humans, write off lingerie, comic books, and games, and get in free to tons of events and conventions. I work with some really cool people, AND I get to see boobs every day. Am I going to win a Nobel Peace prize or a Pulitzer any time soon? No. But I find my job rewarding nonetheless. ;)

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I do. Nothing feels sexier to me than eight layers of clothing. I love pants.

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I live in Canada. No orange trees here. I'm not sure if this is a serious question, or the weirdest innuendo ever.

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Honestly, interviewing Artie Lang was among the more uncomfortable moments I've had. I was very new, and I went into the interview pretty cocky and trying to be funny...don't you hate it when personalities (edit: hosts) do that? Anyway, he saw right through it and kind of tore me a new one...and he was right to do so.