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Karyn Parsons-Rockwell (born October 8, 1966) is an American television and film actress and model best known for the role of Hilary Banks on the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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Hey, Peter! It's Karyn! I hope you're having fun in here! Here's my question: I know how much you love working in independent films, and supporting smaller films like "Little Feet." With so much mainstream success, do you get much time to squeeze in these sort of projects?

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That's so sad!!! That episode makes me cry to this day.

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I remember when he had to do that scene, he spoke to me about it ahead of time, and he particularly spoke with James Avery (aka Uncle Phil) who gave him advice on how to approach the scene. And whatever he said, and acting with James, as you can see from the performance was invaluable.

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Trevor's death was a horrible tragedy. I still have not recovered from that. LOVED Trevor. Loved Brian Stokes Mitchell. But I admit…the bungee drop was kind of funny. It's such a 90's way to go.

I think they probably had something going all along? No I'm kidding, but I don't know. That's hard. Maybe? Maybe she was trying to keep that thing alive from Ice Tray. (Do you guys remember that episode with Don Cheadle as Ice Tray, and he and Hilary hooked up and she was going to go back with him back to Philly, and then he wanted to trade in his first class ticket back for two tickets in coach and I was like "no thank you!")

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AOW! Yes! Absolutely! Allen and I are Facebook friends.

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I just got chills when it was brought up ! Me too.

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No. There was probably curiosity in the very beginning just naturally but nothing ever happened between us. And we quickly became like real cousins.

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Awww. I loved Emily! Damon was my favorite part. He was SOOOO funny and I probably blew so many takes of his good stuff because I laughed. We both cracked each other up. At one point, he made them put a scrim between us during takes because he couldn't say his lines straight because my face was contorting trying not to laugh. He was SO funny.

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As far as acting, I heard him say: when you're crying, you don't want to cry. Most people are trying NOT to cry. And as a person, we could have a drink and I could talk about it, but he gave me so much advice over the years, I would have to sit and think about it, but it's so enmeshed in me,… god I'm going to start crying. I can't think about it because I will get too emotional.

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The hardest part was not laughing through it. The mechanics of it were fine, because if it was hard for me, it was okay, because it would be hard for Hilary. But the laughing part was the difficult part. We all had a difficult time getting through it and blew quite a few takes cracking up .