Karl Kruszelnicki

is a scientist, who is best known as an author and science commentator on Australian radio and television.

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scientific hero? Why?

Richard Feynman. He said - Stick to the facts, ignore opinions. Nature doesn't lie.

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Howdy from me (Dr Karl Kruszelnicki), ready to go at (my) 1059 Sydney Time.

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"What would you change about Australian politics at the moment with respect to science?" Treat "science" as though it was an investment in the future, not a short-term cost.

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Do you smoke weed? Do you think it will be decriminalized or legalized for medical use in Australia?

NSW has just REJECTED the medical use of marijuana for six very specific conditions (terminal cancer, loss of appetite due to chemotherapy, etc). The NSW Govt WRONGLY claimed that the medical data was against the efficacy of marijuana in these six very specific conditions. One thing I learnt as a doctor - we currently all have to die, what matters is that you have a Good Death. Why are we denying these people in pain the opportunity for a Good Death? NSW Govt - please reconsider.

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What is the most astounding fact you can tell us about the universe/life in general?

1)all the gold you will ever touch was made inside an exploding star 2)Kilogram for kilogram, your compost pile generates 33,000 times more power than our Sun

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Can I ask you about your own beliefs regarding the nature of reality?

Reality is for people who can't handle drugs.

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What, in your opinion, are the biggest challenges science and science education are currently facing in Australia?

Lack of respect for the the Concept of Education > lack of funding

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Took a short cut ...

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Dear All, Thanks so much for this fantastic experience - I had no idea it would be like this and so much fun.

Come to my book signings for Book 34 (Game of Knowsns) (drkarl.com) and chat/ask questions (you don't have to buy a book to be My New Best Friend For Ever).

Love to do this again (now that I know how it works).


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Strangest experience as a taxi driver? Getting lost in the huge Yagoona Tip(garbage dump) at 0200, with no stars to navigate out by, and out of radio range. I had to wait for dawn.