Karen Gillan

is a Scottish actress and former model. She is most famous for her role as Amy Pond in the British science fiction series Doctor Who.

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Karen_Gillan3973 karma

Sounds like fun! Will there be beer?

Karen_Gillan3447 karma

Talk to Spielberg.

Karen_Gillan2608 karma

Pterodactyl. They get to fly and be a dinosaur.

Karen_Gillan2450 karma

That's so adorable. I bet he says that to all the girls. Tell him I said hi. What's his name?

Karen_Gillan2379 karma

It was the hardest thing I ever had to learn. It took me 2 months. If you think of the memory like a muscle, I pulled it.

Karen_Gillan2360 karma

If the X-Files were at comicon now, I would freak out. Gillian Anderson is the greatest redhead there ever was. I want to believe.

Karen_Gillan2269 karma

I used to have a friend called Brian. He was a tortoise.

Karen_Gillan2204 karma

Too soon.

Karen_Gillan2110 karma

Matt eats a whole packet of chocolate biscuits a night with tea.