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is an American screenwriter, director, actor, YouTube celebrity and musician. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Wow, so many questions! Give me a sec to read. If you see a question similar to yours, up vote it so I can get to answering faster!

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Wow! Blast from the past! So good to hear from you, say hey to your parents for me.

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you're right! :)

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Jeffery is doing his own thing now. He's a strange one. Fun to have around though.

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you ;)

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wow, there's a blast from the past!

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Hey there, thanks for watching!

  1. Hot Kool Aid was a lot of fun to make, that one stands out. But they all were a lot of fun in their own way. Techno Jeep was the hardest. I've blocked that few months out of my memory.

  2. That wasn't my video but I helped write the ending. Glad you liked it!

  3. Ray is a great guy, hard worker and fun to be around.

  4. Thanks! We'll just have to wait and see!

  5. I've wanted to start a band for a while now. I was on the verge of starting a music career before my sketches started becoming so popular but decided to follow that road for a while because it was so much fun and I was learning so much. So yes, this is a new chapter for me but I still love laughing and making people laugh. I'm sure that will play a part in most things I make in the future.

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she was my great grandmother, and passed about a year ago. she was an amazing woman -- sharp as a tack at 96!

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love those guys. they are good friends.

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Great questions!

  1. I was shooting a sketch with a bunch of friends when 25 Things got featured on the front page of YouTube (this was back when the editors hand selected them) and to this day I have never received as many emails at once. It felt weird, like a dream, but I had to pull myself back down to Earth because I had a bunch of people at my house and we were in the middle of a take.

  2. My surroundings :)

  3. I didn't encounter this particular fan in person, but one time I was about to move into a new apartment here in LA, and I went to take some measurements for furniture (my lease hadn't even started yet but I had a key) and there was a Pre-Blessed Food sticker on my front door.

  4. Old is a strong word. I'm glad people enjoy them but I do tend to hear the same things a lot. :)