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is an American writer. She has written many novels for children and young adults which have exceeded sales of 80 million and been translated into 31 languages. Blume's novels for teenagers were among the first to tackle racism

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Whew -- glad you got to finish!

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I wish! Beverly Cleary was my inspiration. I adore her books and so did my kids. We were supposed to meet last year but then I got a sinus infection and couldn't fly.

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Whatever gets them excited about reading is good! If you want them to read my books don't tell them so. Maybe just leave around a paperback with a new cover and say, "I'm not sure you're ready for that."

You know, it's cyclical. When I started to write series were out. No publisher wanted a series. Some kids will always want to read about reality.

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Well, my family usually recognizes me.

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Read it in a newspaper. No kidding -- a real toddler swallowed a tiny pet turtle. Wrote a picture book about it and got back great rejection letters. "Very funny but this would teach small children to swallow turtles." Great editor suggested writing a longer book (chapter book) and using that story as the last chapter.

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Not yet.

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Yay Hampshire!
I never thought about writing anything but kids' books when I started. I identified with kids. I identified with the kid inside me.

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I remember this -- I wanted to let go and write what I knew to be true about 6th grade. Much of the character of Margaret is based on me at that age but the story and her family is fiction.

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I was browsing in my parents' bookshelves by the time I was 12. There were no YA books then. My parents thought reading was a GOOD thing. They weren't afraid of what I was reading. I didn't get it all but it satisfied my curiosity about the grownup world.

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Never dreamed my books would be read aloud in classrooms. Love the idea that teachers enjoy reading them to the kids and so many kids have told me -- My teacher has the best Fudge voice! I recorded the Fudge books but can't listen because I can't stand listening to my own voice.