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is an American game designer, author, and serial entrepreneur who has founded five game design companies, each in a different game genre and segment of the industry.

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Denny Thorley, the Producer on the game, loved the game but wanted a little "lighter" take on it. So as I often do I went the other way and pitched the opening in the morgue - not only to tweak him but because it gave us a great way of introducing the world to the character and the player at the same time since Jake had lost his memory. Plus, I really wanted to hit some of the central Noir themes, and the combination of dead man walking and lost memories play right into Noir.

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My pleasure - thanks so much for playing!

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Okay, I'm really here now!

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We think that the conversations are one of the key pillars of the game. We want the game to be about story, and in an RPG story is told via a combination of action and dialog with the majority of the depth coming from the dialog. I have been focusing all my efforts exclusively on the design of this critical aspect over the last several weeks and I am very excited about where we are headed, including the ability for quests to be solved only through leg work and conversations.

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FAQ item: What's the story with Crimson Skies? Are you going to make another?

I would love to make another Crimson Skies game but I don't have the rights. But who knows what the future holds? Right now, I'm heads-down on Shadowrun.

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We really don't want it to be a single character game, and our goal is to let players combine races and skills in order to make any kind of character that they want, but it's till early days and we don't yet know some of the ugly realities that might limit this later in development.

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Human, Elf, Ork, Troll, ,and Dwarf.

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Man I have been asking myself that question since I was 10 and I still don't have a good answer for that.

All I know is that I want me and Harebrained Schemes to keep making games that we love and want to play.

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Hey gang - its been a blast but I have to run and get back to making games :)

Mike, Mitch, me, and the rest of the HBS gang will drop into the forums on every once in a while so swing by and say hi.

Thanks for all the good questions and kind words. Jordan

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I was a dyslexic child and cold not read well. As a teenager I encountered D&D and it totally blew me away. Here was a game that inspired the imagination and thrived on socialization. It caused me to learn to read those damn confusing rules and all of Lord of the Rings as well. Totally changed my life