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is a bar consultant, television personality, and author, best known as host of the reality series Bar Rescue on Spike.

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Go fuck yourself! :)

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If you're speaking physically, yes. If you're speaking mentally, no.

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You know, I was called in there by his daughter.

And Tom is to me a hero. I believe he was a police officer, who served us for 30 years. And his daughter brought me into a difficult situation. He might say something bad about me, but I would never say something bad about him. He's a hero, enough said.

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I don't track (personally ) the success ratios of BAR RESCUE, but there are a few independent websites that do. And if you research those sites, those independent sites say that BAR RESCUE has an 80% success ratio. Which means 20% of the bars close. When you consider that these people are literally weeks from closing when I arrived, and the terrible practices most had, I'm pretty proud of that number. And dare i say - if I can be cocky for a minute - I'm told it's the best turnaround statistics of any business show on Television.

I challenge someone to do better.

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I do.

Of course.

And it's not something I like to do. But I gotta tell you: when I do it, it's deliberate. When I get angry, it's with purpose. My purpose is to solve a problem. And I never lose sight of that.

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I pay for all of it. My sponsors and I pay for everything. The owner doesn't pay one dime. We even leave them with food & beverage inventory. Plates, silverware, glassware, everything they need. There's a LOT that's left behind that you don't see on the show. I couldn't show you everything, it would get awful boring - but pots, pans, small wares, etc.

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If I was president, I would get in a car, I would drive to the Capitol breaking all precedent, I would walk up the steps, walk into a conference room, and sit leadership down. And I wouldn't leave until the deal was done. Rather than posturing and excuses, I would find a solution.

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Actually, I like reddit so much, I might not quite shut it down.

But if you guys start pissing me off, I will!

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A butt funnel is something I invented about 25 years ago. And it's one of the greatest tools of nightclub interaction I've ever done. It's a narrow entryway to a dance floor. It's wide enough to cause 2 people to go through it at the same time, but it's narrow enough that it causes the two people to have to turn sideways to get through it. So to answer the dance floor, the two of you are staring at each other in the face about 18 inches apart, stimulating interaction and eye contact. First it's the butt funnel, next it's a drink, then it's breakfast.

My wife! ONLY my wife. I've been with Nicole for 16 years and I would still be excited to go through a butt funnel with her.