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President of Sony Online Entertainment since 2002.

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sure. Stupid decisions. Complete and utter fail and I am very sorry.

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hell yes. That's in a 3 year plan we have. By the end of year 1 is my goal.

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Dalmore 50

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well officially I have to say it's bad. but that's officially.

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glad you like it :) and glad you like Clegg. hey wait.. is that you Clegg...

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lol. rules are rules and it wouldn't be fair to have my son working in the company I run. Plus he has a food service job. I love seeing that on resumes (no lie). It teaches you that hard work and service matter. Plus people should tip waiters and waitresses well.

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hmm. i think that's kind of a loaded question - we shared that PS2 was part of the Prosieben deal. If you feel personally screwed email me at [email protected] and I will see you get refunded personally.

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what's your twitter? do you say interesting shit?

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thanks and sorry

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My Dad got me into this industry by patiently typing in games from some Apple magazine in basic (they literally had the lines of code in the magazine). At the time I was playing a lot of D&D and just decided to try and make it on the Apple II+. I ended up writing a lot of character generators after I realized making D&D might be hard :)