John Resig

best known as the creator and lead developer of the jQuery JavaScript library.

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I use OS X on an iMac with an extra monitor. For coding I use VIM in a terminal and have a screen session open to IRC in another terminal window. I then have a plethora of browsers open (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera - a VMWare with IEs) for testing. That's pretty much all that I use and need to use (I have a very similar set up on my Macbook Pro, as well).

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My pleasure - glad to hear it! :)

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Still hilarious :)

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So true.

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I'm not sure if I remember the first site - but I do remember the first plugin. It was a plugin by Michael Geary and released only about 1 week after jQuery came out:

I was able to meet him a couple years later (which was awesome). He had a hilarious story about how he was the first person fired from Apple (apparently while Apple was still just in a garage). Funny stuff.

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Haha, sssshhhh, don't tell anyone! I tend to find that when I'm working on something that is truly engrossing other distractions just kind of melt away. For that reason I try to find truly interesting work. Of course, it doesn't help when I'm working on things that are boring or less interesting, heh.

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I will be doing two things primarily: I will be managing their Open Source efforts. Making sure that it's easy as possible to get people involved with the development of the code base and general contributions (such as contributing exercises).

I'm also going to be doing front-end development. Working on frameworks for developers, working on the mobile application, and other things that come up. A lot of this is at my discretion, it just so happens that these are the areas that I'm interested in (and they're happy to have me work on them!).

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Oh, I absolutely did not think I was going to be here. The explosion of jQuery has been completely overwhelming, I'm still surprised. It pleases me the most to hear people who never would've coded JavaScript were it not for jQuery - it was a gateway that lead them to coding and got them interested in going even further. That warms my heart :)

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I use to use FreeBSD as my primary OS, although I find that OS X works better for me, personally.