John Ratzenberger

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is an American actor, voice actor, and entrepreneur.

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johnratzenberger2057 karma

The buffalo theory of how beer kills off the weak brain cells so the more beer you drink the smarter you feel.

johnratzenberger1867 karma

Yes. And that in itself is a little known fact.

johnratzenberger1526 karma

I'd marry all of them and move to Utah. Then let fate take its course.

johnratzenberger1443 karma

Showed up on time.

johnratzenberger1246 karma

Billy Crystal

johnratzenberger1175 karma

Yes, I did get a couple of angry letters from postmen saying I shouldn't have been wearing my keys in the bar. Then after the Postmaster General Anthony Franks did a guest spot on the show, the letters stopped.

johnratzenberger976 karma

Yes. And the 3 of them talked about setting up a fishing charter business in the Florida keys.

johnratzenberger925 karma

With the right preparation and spices I think they both taste great. Just kidding. I'm a dog guy.

johnratzenberger898 karma

No preference as long as I'm working. I'll do standing on a roof in a blizzard acting as long as they keep calling I'll keep showing up.

johnratzenberger852 karma

Fortunately there were no grumps. I always request to go in just before or just after Don Rickles so I can talk to him. As far as funny goes, he still hits it out of the park.