John Densmore

is an American musician and songwriter. He is best known as the drummer of the rock group The Doors.

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Someone asked what was the craziest thing I ever witnessed Jim Morrison do and deleted their comment, so here's my answer: One time in the early days, I was driving Jim around in my little VW bug, and he pulled out a quarter, and he said "You wanna bet that we're gonna make it or not?"

And I said "Uh…tails"

and then instead of flipping the coin, he flipped it into his mouth and swallowed it. This was a quarter. Oh my god. And then (this is a bad joke) later I forgot to ask him if it came out tails. Sorry! Crude, John, Crude! Oh well.

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Can I see it again?

p.s. my girlfriend and I have been together 8 years and we're definitely staying together :)

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Once again, LA Woman was my favorite, because the songs came so naturally. We would just be jamming on a corny melody and then it would morph into Riders on the Storm, or Jim would have some words and he would just sing them acapella, and we would quickly figure out how to have a musical mattress for him to lay those words on top of.

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"Light my Fire" was my favorite to perform live because the long jazzy instrumental sections in the middle were really fun to spur Ray and Robby's solos with my drumming.

My idol was Elvin Jones, John Coltrane's drummer. I saw him as a kid and became his friend, and wrote an obit about him when he passed. At the end of his life, I helped him carry his cymbals to his car when he was in town for a gig.

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First time I met Ray & Jim (they deleted their question): I met Ray at a Maharishi Meditation Class. He was very friendly, and asked me to come to a jam session. There I met Jim, who was incredibly shy, and I never thought that he was going to be the next Mick Jagger, but Ray handed me those lyrics to "Break On Through" and I flipped out.

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I'm not sure. But there's only two Doors and two Beatles left, so maybe we should get together and form the DoorBeatles. That would be 2 drummers, a guitar player and a bass player who plays pretty good piano.

(Just kidding)

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No. I love him dearly, and I miss those percussive lyrics. Day destroys the night, night divides the day, try to run, try to hide, break on through the other side.

The reason I was angry at him was because of his self-destruction. But back then, we didn't know he had a disease called alcoholism.

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That's funny! Yes, I've done yoga every day for 50 years and I haven't missed a day. And yes, playing when the music's over and especially the end was exhausting.

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I'm not going to narrow it down to one concert. I'm going to say my favorite time period was the transition from clubs to second-bill at small concert halls. That was when we were getting the feeling that my GOD, this train is leaving the station. We're going to make a living, we're going to pay the rent doing this, oh my God. the mass adulation at the large concert halls is great, but it's not as exciting as the feeling that this band is going to go somewhere. That's really something. That you're going to have a career is mind-blowing, because the arts are such a crapshoot.

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Oliver Stone's movie took a six-year career and crammed it into 2 hours and blew it up the size of a few-story building… I had to realize that it would be an impression, not an exact print of our career. Val Kilmer should have been nominated for best actor. I am pleased that Johnny Depp narrated a documentary on us called "When You're Strange" which compliments Oliver's movie by bringing in more of the time period around the 60's.