Joel Hodgson

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is an American writer, comedian and television actor.

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I would say yes. I think it will happen when the time's right.

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You're really gonna make me do this? Okay... repeat to yourself: It's a show, you should just relax...

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That's a really good question.

The answer is YES. The movie was EEGAH, and the person I felt we were particularly tough on was Arch Hall, Jr. I believe we called him a "stiff with teeth and hair." I met him this summer at a convention, and he couldn't have been nicer. And he's a wonderful guy and was very complimentary and said he was really glad we riffed the movie. He said something like "It isn't lost on me that I get to work these conventions because you guys did my movie." He was really nice about it. But i was pretty nervous meeting him, because I thought he was really going to hate me, but he was really nice about it.

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You're making me cry.

Yes, every couple of years I had a teacher that seemed to understand me and encourage me. It didn't happen too much, but it happened at the right time. And also my parents were both teachers, and I felt like they were undervalued in society, so I felt like putting that in there because I so appreciate people who teach. It's a vocation that does not get its due sometimes.

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1) For Joel episodes, I like "I accuse my parents" and for Mike episodes, my favorite is "Final Sacrifice."

2) Yes, yes I did. But it took me a long time to come back and watch the show. I was really frustrated when I left and didn't really want to watch it.

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Oh right and if my bosses don't like me they'll shoot me into space.

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I love BOTH robots equally!

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You know, I would be up for it no matter what comes, but obviously you can't beat the computer for getting your content right now. Online is really compelling right now.

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I think, for the reboot, obviously people would really want to see the original robots back. So I intend to do that. But hopefully we'll bring some new ones too.

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Oh my god, NO. You're reading way too much into it!