Joseph "Joe" Dante, Jr.

Joe dante the father of the gremlins hooks to 3d 498x226
is an American film director, producer and actor

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Mark, get out of this forum!

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Thanx--always nice to know someone's out there watching this stuff.

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There's a scene in Gremlins 2 where the characters grapple with this conundrum. "It's always midnight somewhere!"

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You are obviously a person with good taste.

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We call them LGBT Gremlins today. Actually, that one was simply referred to as Girl Gremlin on the set.

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Hitchcock told the story about the mom who complained her daughter wouldn't take a shower after seeing PSYCHO. "Send her to the dry cleaners," he said.

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It's too bad really--there are very few mid-level movies now. They're either all super-expensive blockbusters or really cheap Paranormal types. And as for originality--Robocop? Spider Man? Do we really need new versions of these??

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Believe it or not, I alerted Warners to the similarities between Gizmo and the Furby--and lo and behold, soon there was an actual Gizmo Furby!

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I'd certainly lean toward puppets because there's nothing like having the monsters on the set with the actors, but I'd be foolish to say I'd reject all CGI, because there's a place for it. I'm sure there have been major advances in puppeteering since 1990!

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Dunno, nobody seems to be knocking down doors at WB to make another one.