Joe Murray Rocko

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is an American animator, writer, and illustrator best known as the creator of the animated series Rocko's Modern Life and Camp Lazlo.

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I like Regular Show and Adventure time

BigJoeWorry1216 karma

There were a lot of things that slipped by that they didn't notice until they got letters from angry parents.

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You are the one who filled in the gaps.

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By the way, there is a great sale of Rocko stuff on my website starting today until sunday, at

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I think "Spank the Monkey" because, cmon, it was right there in your face.

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I loved Wacky Delly. We actually did a live read of that episode at the Rocko Live event and it brought it all back. Well it's basically "the producers' in animation, make the worst show possible so Ralph would get fired. I was at the end of my contract and wanted out. We laughed that I should do a show about Deli meats that really sucked. At the time someone brought in an old promotional film from Dole pineapple in the 50's on how to spruce up your meatloaf. We tried to get permission to use it but was denied. So we did one ourselves. I made the meatloaf that is in that live sequence.

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Well, the time to cut something was in the storyboard, and quite honestly, I'm not sure they read them. ( the network) So whatever was in the storyboard got on the air. It wasn't until after I left and they got letters about some of the stuff that they started editing some of the episode. Which unfortunately are the versions that are on the DVD's.

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Wow. What a great contrast, Church and RML. It feels good and scary at the same time.

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A nasty neighbor on our street who always stole our baseballs.

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I gotta go now. It's been great. Thanks for showing up. Thank you for all of the cool questions. Signing off.