James Edward Olliges Jr.

Jim james jjbear
is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of Louisville, Kentucky-based rock band My Morning Jacket

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ok. this is super important... so pay attention, because the ingredients are: 1.peanut 2.butter 3.pudding 4.love

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ha ha ha. yes MOF we are alive and well and hiding out in a valley on the southernmost point tip of mexico. we have worked on 5 new songs and also are developing a screenplay to be turned into a full length major motion picture. currently we are looking for a studio to take on the picture and also the album- if any of you are heads of major motion picture studios lets talk.

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aw thanks for the kind words. that is funny you should mention that because yes actually i have been in meetings all week long with the heads of all major US auto companies and we have developed a 2 point plan to bring back the US auto industry to its former glory. the plan is as follows:

1.just build new versions of all the old beautiful cars. the classics. the did it right the first time, no need to improve on perfection. only make them hybrid and better on the environment in as many ways as possible and also add modern elements like GPS or stereo, etc but from the outside make them look EXACTLY like a classic model- like 75 coupe de ville for instance. 2.install the song "golden" inside of every stereo system.

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mike barker from the show approached us with some really funny and crazy ideas. we were flattered and honored and also a little scared- cuz you are kind of helpless in a situation like that not knowing how it will turn out- but in the end they were really kind and did a really amazing job and we were beyond stoked and flattered!

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ha ha ha ha ha ha h aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha ha ah ah a I AM ROARING WITH LAUGHTER OVER YOUR USERNAME!!!!!

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here's a big TIP:

1.dont shampoo. very important. only use conditioner. 2.the brand of conditioner i use is called- hold on i have to go to the bathroom and find it real quick....well shit i cant find it but anyway its made out of the bones of ancient himalayan polar bears. very rare.

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maybe art therapy or a roasted almond vendor on the streets on NYC

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thanks! yes!

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i like these kind of questions because i feel like they deal with the big issues. im glad you asked about healthcare because i believe it is one of the biggest issues facing not only americans but the world. we need to get down to the bottom of this, thru the greed somehow, and take care of each other- to make sure that every american is taken care of no matter what...i really believe that this is possible if we can work together to see thru the greed while keeping options open to create a system that works for everyone. its not impossible. it can be done.