Jesse Ventura

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James George Janos (born July 15, 1951), better known by his stage name, Jesse Ventura, is an American politician, actor, author, veteran, and former professional wrestler who served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003.

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ImJesseVentura436 karma

Well, I guess when you live in what's supposed to be a free country, you have the ability to make a stupid decision. That's all part of freedom.

ImJesseVentura327 karma

I know exactly who your mom was. And she did a marvelous, wonderful job.

ImJesseVentura295 karma

Absolutely. They are violating the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, those are the laws of the land, and they need to be held accountable. They should stop it immediately. In a free country, you have the ability to be stupid.

ImJesseVentura287 karma

Absolutely Marijuana should be decriminalized. It should be treated the same as cigarettes and alcohol. Marijuana is to Rock n' Roll what beer is to baseball.

ImJesseVentura270 karma

My favorite Andre the Giant memory was he had gone out to the ring and his sport coat was on a hanger, and I was 6 foot 4, 265 pounds, and I put his sport coat on, and it fit me like a trench coat. My hands didn't even come out the sleeves, they were so big. That's definitely one of my favorite memories.

ImJesseVentura270 karma

I think it's propaganda that needs to be exposed. They have every right to attempt to put out their propaganda, but we have every right to know that it is propaganda being put out by them and to make up our minds whether we believe it or not. But they need to be above board when doing that.

ImJesseVentura269 karma

The best way to resist is the only answer we have: stop electing democrats and republicans to office. They are the ones who are controlling the office and the laws.

ImJesseVentura244 karma

What I would have done differently in the last 14 years, which would take us back to 2000: I would have taken the 9/11 threat seriously when Condoleeza Rice made off like they didn't think it was serious, I would have taken it seriously so there could have been a chance it would not have happened on my watch than what the Republicans did at the time. There would have never been a war in Iraq, because it had nothing to do with 9/11, they didn't do a thing, so there would have been no Iraq war had I been president. And there certainly would not have been the Patriot Act if I was president, because I would not suspend the constitution and bring in the Patriot Act, which is really wrongly named. It is not patriotic to take away people's freedoms, it should be called the Un-Patriot Act.

ImJesseVentura228 karma

Yes, they are. Very observant of you, Larry. Absolutely. They are my look now, the off the grid look. That's because there's a girl down here who makes them for me.

ImJesseVentura171 karma

No, I'm not afraid to go on it, but I just don't desire to go on it. They are very disrespectful, and I don't have time to deal with people who disrespect me. And I don't have to do the show, so I won't do it.