Jeremy Zuckerman

Jeremy zuckerman by gage skidmore
is an Emmy-winning American composer and musician mostly known for composing the score of the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Uncle Iroh.

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i totally cried

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yes, if the LOK soundtrack sells well there is a much better chance of the A:TLA soundtrack being released. but everyone will have to patient as it will take a ton of work. we'll have to resurrect all the old sessions which were composed on old computers with obsolete software! would want to re-record some things, too. it will be a big project but i REALLY hope it happens.

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I'm kinda partial to 'hardboiled...afraid'. it's very simple but hits me in the feels. lots of room for the erhu in that one. also fond of the end credits and korra's theme

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wow that's hard. i'll stick to A:TLA since i sort of answered this re LOK above. i really am proud of the whole finale score. that was my best work IMO though i'm sure many of you guys have other faves (which is so interesting). 'peace' is probably the most cohesive piece of music (it's been performed a couple times by HS orchestras). really like the blue spirit and tsungi horn stuff, too. but i know there are cues i'm forgetting about now. so much music has been written since then.

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i get about 4-5 days. i always want more!

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hey guys! so good to talk to you. it's been a blast. gotta go back to work now. sorry i couldn't answer everyone but i'll check in a bit over the next day or two and try to answer as time allows.

now, um...go buy this! or on iTunes!

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first, thanks for the kind words! be honest, i'm finally getting into film composers. i listen more to weird, esoteric stuff (takemitsu - who did also do film - berio, trevor wishart) and ravel is one of my faves. i really enjoy composers who look at more than pitches and rhythm. people who approach composition from a sonic POV. thinking about texture, gesture, etc. i think that informs me. in the beginning, it was harder to not be coming from the scoring world but i think it has become sort of an advantage.

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thanks! the piece you're talking about is 'the last agni kai'. we knew we wanted to support the sadness in that fight rather than the action. at the mix, as an experiment we filtered down the sound design and put it way behind the music. that was really effective and i think a big part of why the cue works so well in that context.

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i sort of answered this earlier but i should add so i don't paint myself as a total nerd. i like sigur ros, bjork, the national, acey alone, meshuggah, miles davis, coltrane, antibalas, radiohead, james brown, etc... new composers i like: nico muhly, john luther adams, bear mccreary, austin wintry... hard to remember them all right now. unfortunately i don't get a lot of time to listen to music. :(