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writes and illustrates the webcomic Questionable Content

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Please, people.

My time is very valuable, could we please not clutter up my AMA wiALUGBAGUHALBAGLHAGLUBGAGLHALUHGBGUUALGH


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Yes! And guess who it is:


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yep, definitely butts

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I am generally happy with my work, but I'm also my own worst critic (and I have some pretty mean critics). And I do have depression and anxiety problems, so there's that. But I do like my comic, I wouldn't be able to do it if I didn't like it.

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As much as I love writing and drawing her, if Faye were a real person I would absolutely LOATHE her.

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The Marten/Faye romance is the biggest one. They were originally supposed to get together and live happily ever after!

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Don't do cocaine

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I knew I was truly internet famous when I saw the first QC 34 that was better drawn than the actual comic.

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mine is named "Celexa"

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I wanted to keep doing the comic, and I couldn't get them together and have it remain interesting. And it turned out that was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.