Jeffrey Michael Jordan

the elder son of retired NBA MVP Michael Jordan

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" Play for the love of the game. The day the game stops becoming fun... stop playing."

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Honestly, there was no negative tension, action, conversation, etc. that occurred between myself and The UCF Basketball program. Mainly, I came to a point in my life where I wanted to focus on things outside of basketball and to explore the opportunities beyond the sport. After talking to my parents, I felt that in order to reach my full potential as a person, I needed to step away from the game and give more thought to my future.

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In particular, I remember being at home during Game 6 in Utah of the 98 finals and my family watching the game in our basement... The moment he hit "the last shot" I will never forget. (Obviously couldn't go because I had school the next day, and moms wasn't having it).

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Never thought about that when I started... I began playing at 3 so I didn't realize what would come in the future.... I just loved the game.

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Honestly, I have many interests in many subjects and would like to be some sort of a modern day renaissance man. and S/O to my man @kypade on twitter for putting me on the reddit game.... :-)) #Knowledge

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Great Question... I enjoyed and continue to enjoy the people involved within the UCF Knight family, mainly I noticed the professors/teachers were very different then what I was used to coming from the University of Illinois... but in a positive way where they were more accessible and easy to talk to... *(beautiful campus, beautiful people, welcoming atmosphere)

The Least??? i would definitely say the 30 min-2 hours parking search issue was the first thing that popped into my mind. I just feel like there should be better ways for the students of UCF to travel across campus on a day-to-day basis.

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Wow...choose one? I don't know, I would say to be successful number 1, but number 2--make change(s) in the world that are meaningful and long lasting, if not permanent....

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More than anything, I would make sure that my kids have the opportunity to interact and communicate with kids and adults of all races, ethnicities,and cultures to ensure that they have a well-round view of the world.

Question number 2..WoW! ummm.... Mainly, I would definitely try not to give any other type of criticism but constructive criticism.