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I'd rather write a game with 40 spells that all have uses that 120 spells that aren't all well thought out. I think that Avadon is cool because, while there aren't as many abilities, you have to think more about timing and when to use them for. Personal preference, I guess.

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1 horse sized duck. Google the fuzzy wuzzy fallacy.

I recommend starting with Avernum: Escape From the Pit if you got it or Avadon if you didn't. Though the Geneforge series really is a personal favorite. I think it's very innovative.

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Every once in a while I consider writing Avernum Zero, about the first days of the underworld. But I haven't yet thought of the right hook/story structure to make me want to make it. So maybe, but don't hold breath. :)

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I play many of them. No surprises ... I love Catan. Carcassone. D&D. Paranoia occasionally. Played a lot of Ticket To Ride recently. I've been playing D&D since 1980. Yes, 1980.

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Don't worry about it. We're doing fine. :)

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  1. Cordelia loves the book I wrote about her. She's reread it many times.

  2. Good. Noisy.

  3. They come to me in weird, unexpected flashes. The idea for Nethergate came in a sudden jolt while I was doing step aerobics.

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Thank you!

Wow, it's been years since I've been asked about playing the vahnatai. People used to ask this all the time. The answer is no, never. The alien nature of the vahnatai are their most important element. They must always be The Other.

I've written one (unpublished) novel and many (unpublished) short stories, but it's really hard to break into writing and even harder to make a living at it. And, honestly, I find the gaming medium to be more in need of good storytelling.

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Yes it does. :-)

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In raw moneyz, Avadon: The Black Fortress was our biggest hit, with Avernum: Escape From the Pit close behind. Being on Steam makes all the difference.

Which is my favorite? Gameplay-wise, Avadon. (I can hear the screams of anger.) What am I most proud of managing to finish? Exile 3/Avernum 3. What do I think has the coolest ideas? Some Geneforge game, probably 5.

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I would change Rock Band so it still exists. Man, but I'm gonna miss that game.

Or I would simplify the Income Tax space in Monopoly. It's so stupid the way it is.