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It was like a huge concert with a bunch of opening acts and the headliner never showing up.

Also, there was a guy speaking Italian into an iPad Mini next to us for 2 hours. That was odd.

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We were definitely surprised. We understand that of course it's just going to be "another box," but to be able to claim that you were "first" to debut should also mean you show us a product. Even if it was a hollow plastic box I think people would be happier. Also, a lot of people from around the world flew in to attend this and for all that hassle, a box, or better yet a price, would have made it worth the trip.

Also, there were 2 rows of Sony execs in front of us all shaking hands congratulating each other. When they turned around and looked at the attending audience they stopped doing that.

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We'll make sure we send this thread to the Director of TODAY.

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So is managed by a totally different division at CBSi. In fact they're not even in our NY office

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  1. that shit's racist
  2. yeah, none of us are allowed to DVR anything anymore :P But seriously that whole situation SUCKED and we're all moving on.
  3. I've had both and I'll put the worst slice of NYC pizza up against the best Cali burrito any day of the week, twice on Sunday.

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We're human beings just like you and we take pride in our content. Judge us based on the stuff we write and make your own decisions. We're disclosing conflicts where we need to.

And the only one looking over my shoulder right now is the person giving me a massage.

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The vibe I got in that room was more of the former.

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I think getting all of those ambitious Gaikai-related streaming features working out of the box will be a challenge.

And from what we saw Wednesday, a solid launch line-up is now a concern.

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Thanks man!

We can only speak for ourselves and can definitively tell you that there absolutely nothing like that. We were also at a limited invitation area afterwards and there was none of that there either.