James Bowen

is an author and busker currently based in London. James was interviewed by journalist Garry Jenkins, resulting in him writing the autobiography, A Street Cat Named Bob The title is a play on the title of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire.

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SullivanandPartners18 karma

No. He usually loves the attention, but he does get fed up sometimes just like everyone else, especially when people prod and poke him during book signings. That used to happen in the early days but I've made sure that it doesn't any more. He's always my No1 priority.

SullivanandPartners15 karma

I'm fine but Bob didn't feel so good this morning. We got a taxi to a TV studio in London and the driver thought he was Lewis Hamilton. He was going way too fast and Bob got a bit of car sickness. He perked up as soon as he got out of the car though and is feeling fine now so don't worry about him.

SullivanandPartners15 karma

He loves watching wildlife programmes on tv, so I'd love to take him to the Galapagos Islands so that he could see the giant tortoises and all those amazing birds.

SullivanandPartners15 karma

Interesting question. Yes he usually keeps his claws hidden, unless he wants to get my attention in which case he sometimes gives me a gentle poke. And no, it doesn't hurt when he's on my shoulders, in fact I feel a little bit unbalanced when he's not there!

SullivanandPartners14 karma

I love Orwell, Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Burroughs and Frank Herbert. That kind of stuff.

SullivanandPartners14 karma

Bob and I aren't on the streets right now, which is a relief. It was never great being out in all weathers and being abused by people who didn't understand how hard it was for us. It wasn't our choice to be there. So now we're trying to give back to those who helped us by raising awareness and money for homeless and animal welfare charities. And yes, we are working on some more books.

SullivanandPartners13 karma

Yes, please send letters to James Bowen, c/o Hodder & Stoughton, 338 Euston Road, London, NW1 3BH, United Kingdom.

SullivanandPartners13 karma

I really hope I'm not changing. One thing I can say though is that I am amazingly humbled by what's happened to me in the last year or so. To be honest I still don't quite believe it has happened.

SullivanandPartners11 karma

I'm a pacifist and an animal lover - so I wouldn't fight either of them!

SullivanandPartners10 karma

All the time. Even when we're in live studios he watches himself on the playback monitors. I think he recognises himself.