Jake Hurwitz

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known as the sensible "regular guy" in the comedy web series "Jake and Amir"

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In real life I annoy Amir.

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You've seen my dick. Remember when we went skinny dipping in Florida?

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Not yet but we're willing to. Literally this afternoon.

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I see him not naked a lot.

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First dinner tonight question! That means we go out with you. You're paying though.

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I wasn't at all. I went from working in an ice cream store to being an intern at CH.

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I think both of us aren't entirely accurately represented in the series. Amir is loud, and goofy and very funny. But he's not quite as dumb as his character.

Also, my character tries to be mature and rational (most of the time) while in real life I'm neither of those things.

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We just slip in and out of character all day, and when something makes us laugh we try to write it down. That and sometimes Amir will text me, or I'll text him with a random idea we had out of the blue.

We always improvise when we shoot, but we usually know where the script is going. There's a beginning, middle and end before we start shooting, (most of the time.)