J. Cole

Jermaine Lamarr Cole, better known by his stage name J. Cole, is an American hip-hop recording artist and record producer from Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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this is not me. this is a dinosaur.

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can i be honest? without getting killed off by Reddit community. I go to Digg a lot. I know Reddit ethered Digg a while ago, because of the amazing COMMUNITY experience of reddit. But I still rock with them.

don't taze me bro

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Eric Clapton.

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This is weird. You asked me a question. And then answered your own question.

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DAMN. That's tough. But Aquemini.

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great questions.

  1. I'm sure my Mom wanted me to go be a lawyer and do something "safe." Just the fact that I went to college was already making her so proud. She knew I was heavy into music, but I don't think she knew how serious I took it until college graduation was coming up and she would hit me with the "soooo honey, what are you gonna do now?" questions. And when I hit her with the super confident "I'm about to go and get signed" answers. She never told me NOT to, but she definitely tried to encourage me to take the safer path. "you sure you don't want to go law school? you would be a great lawyer" NAW MOMMA YOU ALREADY TOLD ME I CAN DO ANYTHING

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Thank you. This question will be asked a lot so I'll just answer it here. We have some really good songs in the stash, but haven't had a chance to properly work on a project. An album will come in the future, but probably not this year. I'm just happy for my niggaaa

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my favorite song. sad shit man. beautiful music

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Surreal. Today is my first day off in a LONG TIME (other than this. but this isn't WORK) I plan on soaking in that moment tonight and really reflecting on how amazing that is.