J. R. Havlan

is a writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart where he has won eight Emmy's for Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program.

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jrhavlan298 karma

1 - forever and ever, amen! 2 - what did i just say. i said he's doing it forever. but probably ray lewis. 3 - it is, indeed, ronaiah tuiasosopo himself! 4 - when it gets old to us... which may be never.

jrhavlan212 karma

mainly i just make jokes, but i do recall once being asked "do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" and i'm pretty sure i gave a straight answer to that but i'd have to go back and check the tapes.

jrhavlan169 karma

i think it's a timing issue -- early on it was a good way to transition between shows but now that stephen so easily holds his own we use that time differently. they were awfully fun to do though.

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1 - anybody who brings me something nice. or woody allen because he's woody allen. 2 - they are EXACTLY the same once you get past the fact that none of them ever wear pants.

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have you seen the movie "rocky"? it was a lot like that. mainly eating half a dozen raw eggs for breakfast and then running through the streets at dawn wearing old, sweaty gray sweats. and yes, we helped him, but it was mainly jon.

jrhavlan132 karma

yes. i've found that in general my thoughts are constantly identical to jon stewart's even when we we are predicting the future in a comedic manner. of course, i could be wrong about that.

jrhavlan98 karma

1 - my dearest toby, i think that if people rely on TDS for their actual news the future will be here soon and will be similar to that will smith movie where he has a dog and fights his way through manhattan. 2 - no. but it's probably not terrible either. as long as you are aware of a few more details about the world.

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1 - hard to say but usually the one's we're not making fun of seem to have a better sense of humor than the ones we're making fun of. the only reaction we're looking for is laughter. 2 - we're not out to bury people. we just do what strikes us as worthy of our focus and wastes the least amount of potable water. very important.

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having done both i can assure you that a horse-sized jon stewart is not to be trifled with.

jrhavlan85 karma

first of all, thank you. yo are too kind and should probably back off a little bit on the kindness. secondly, the daily show has a large staff of very impressive, funny and dedicated people who help jon be "epic", but most of that epicness comes from jon himself. sorry. "mr. stewart." (almost lost my job there.) as for the time we have, please refer to the name of the show.