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Aren't they the same thing? How about a reluctant revolutionary trying to tell the amoral empire to wake up

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Good times, matey.

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Both. I'm not for their antics for utter disregard of copyright (, we follow the DMCA. But I respect much of the policies of the Pirate Parties, and their recent book advocating shortening of copyright terms and sane copyright law reform, but not abolishment.

And as a search engine, we index .torrent links from hundreds of websites, including TPB. We don't discriminate websites regardless of politics as .torrent links are user generated from across the Web.

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As long as the uncensored and unrestricted Internet exists.

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We have lawyers in both Canada and the US genuinely excited about what our 2 cases mean, as our case is complicated but precedent setting. Having big cases is somewhat a good thing it turns out. We also have some academic support, and will especially need more with our Canadian case arguing the constitutional issues.

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  • P2P streaming ability. BitTorrent Inc. is working on that
  • It's final in its openness. It's an open protocol, just like the WWW and history shows open protocols tend to stick around. It can evolve, new clients can implement new ideas, and that's what an open protocol allows. No prior P2P network since Napster is like it in its openness and that is what lasts beyond technical implementations.
  • Possible yes, easy no. I believe its "stigma" would change when more creators find new ways to take advantage of media sharing on the Internet, and new ways to monetize, directly or not. I'm always considering new possibilities.
  • We keep logs only for detecting suspicious network activity and bad bots, in aggregate. We don't curate or moderate any torrent, I don't believe that's the job of any search engine. Algorithmic ranking of search results yes but not curation, at least not by us. We have user votes on torrents similar to reddit and that factors into our ranking so you can call it communal curation.

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Notice to take down some torrents from MS, just because they were the first (in 2004 I believe). We get all sorts of requests since then and one isn't really worse than another until Hollywood actually sued.

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Hah, poetic justice

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You. We are legion. (not that I'm endorsing a certain hacker collective)

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/group hug