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To izuhhbel who just deleted his/her comment: Tho you deleted your comment, I appreciated what you said about David Rakoff. Thanks. At Rakoff's memorial, I met a man whose son died I think of cancer as a teenager. Rakoff had gotten to know the son. Because David first got his cancer in his early 20s, he knew what it felt like to get so sick so young. He gave him all sorts of advice on how to handle it. The man told me some of it. The one that stands out most is that when you're the sick person, you shouldn't be a dick to all the people who are reaching out to you with love, even though that's hard sometimes. I'm not saying this as well as David could. He felt like even when you're horribly ill you have a responsibility to be a mensch. The man said these talks were hugely comforting to his son. And helpful. Nobody usually gives you a playbook for dealing with your own untimely terminal or near-terminal illness. It touches me to hear that someone as far away from David as you are could get comfort from him as well.

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That's awesome and I wish you guys the best and hope you pledge to your local public radio station.

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Keillor. For one thing, he's huge! You ever seen him? He's like seven feet tall. Also, though he's old, he's incredibly scrappy. That guy has the will to win.

In a fight, Rehm is a known biter. Ears, fingers, whatever. Just vicious.

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At least he's still bald. That's a comfort.

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I of course am very handsome but I think you have me beat, from sheer youth if nothing else. That is a remarkable likeness.

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If Torey's gotten mad, he hasn't said anything. He's not that type. I think he's happy we accidentally made him famous, and famous in the most peculiar way. He meets people and tells them his name and they say "Wait! You're REAL?"

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Sagal's too fit to be a proper public radio host. We are totally drubbing him out of the union with his low body fat and his lung capacity.

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Not really. I just want them to be amused and to stay fans of the show. Also to worship me.

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I get asked this about once a month and I really should get off my ass and just listen to the endings to the early shows to figure out what was the first time we did it. It happened spontaneously. Like, in the middle of the live broadcast we thought "wouldn't it be funny to pretend Torey said that" and someone went and dubbed the clip to add to the end. Once we did it one time, we knew we had to do it every week. It's totally sophomoric and indefensible, but hard to let go of.

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Watched? There's video now?