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is an online image hosting service founded by Alan Schaaf

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That's really great to hear!

I know how important the UI is, and that's why it's the way it is. It won't ever change from being super easy and simple.

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Imageshack tried to buy it 6 months after I made it. Glad I didn't sell...

Imgur is now bigger than they are, as well as yfrog which is by the same company.

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  1. I keep most of it in the business in order to grow it and hire more people.

  2. Imgur takes most of my time these days, so nothing unfortunately. However, I'm on the board of directors for another Ohio University startup called Flarecode. I've been trying to help them out too.

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Imgur spawning it's own community was one of the magical moments that made me realize that Imgur is going to be big, and that I wanted to focus on it and go all in. Our mission is to lift the world’s spirits for a few moments every day, and the way we do that is through the community. In the short term, that means delivering great mobile apps, tools for creating great content, and making it easier for people to join.

Some of the most amazing things have spawned out of the Imgur community, and here's just a few: Cards for Jared, Socks Story, Random acts of kindness, Upvotes for charity, Maddie's Miracle, Sharing cool moments, Beer hero, Imgur Gets Drawn, Ridiculously Happy Marine Love Story, Finding a job, Brain surgery support, Cleaned up a river bank, sparked more cleanup, and of course Camp Imgur

I do know that lots of Imgurians are Redditors and vice versa, but not everyone is apart of both, and that's cool too.

Edit: For clarification, I have no opinion on that subreddit, but some things in it look funny, other things look dumb. I don't know really, people all have their own opinions and I don't really care if people on Imgur detest reddit, if that's the case. There are people on Reddit that detest Imgur too.

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It didn't go that far. I told them right up front that it was too early, so we never negotiated a price.

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Nah, you're even allowed to look at Imgur NSFW content. For testing of course.

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I don't have the links, but you really don't want to see them anyway. Trust me.

I've seen a dead man with his penis cut off and shoved in his mouth, as well as a penis that was split like a banana peel.