Hugh Dancy

is an English actor and model. He is best known for his role as Will Graham in the television series adaptation of Hannibal.

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With his nose like everyone else

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I have a professional tousler who travels with me at all times.

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It's worse than that. There's so many different types. But that's nothing compared to the blood. There's clothes blood, hair blood, eye blood, mouth blood, prosthetics dept blood and on and on. For some reason it's never quite the right consistency or colour so we end up creating a cocktail with everyone chipping in their opinions - bit darker, no no that's too arterial. And then they cover me in it.

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First time I met Bryan he pitched about 4 season's worth of TV. Including cell time. But the thing that got me was that I'd vomit up someone's ear (the ear-candidate actually changed). When I got tired during the 1st season I'd cling onto that dream.

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Will Graham has to help himself.

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I liked when Will started sleepwalking except that it required me to walk around the country roads outside Toronto in sub-zero temperatures in my underwear. But that was when I got a sense of what road we were going to take him down, with a new sympton hitting him every week. Lots of fun. Like, 'this week you get to have aural hallucinations'. Great!

Noone stays in character except perhaps Scott Thompson.

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Yes, mainly because ofg the danger of terrible overacting. We're on a tight schedule, so there's not much time to offer up different takes or levels of crazy. so you go home at the end of the day hoping you didn't just do the worst acting of your life. And then she talked me down.

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Alana's looking after the dogs. They'll be back.

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I worked with Mads first about 10 years ago in King Arthur, which was a very different kettle of fish, mostly spent ojn horses killing people painted blue. We were in Dublin for 6 months and my memory ios patchy, but the one thingv I definitely took away was that I'd want to work with him again with fewer horses aqnd more acting. Followed his carrer since and for me he's one of the best screen actors working anywhere. So the chance to sit opposite him and knock Bryan's dialogue back and forth was incredible. He came onto the show after me and I was basically checking email every 5 mins hoping it would work out and I think it has. Good guy also.

I would try something vegetarian for dinner. Or just watch hannibal we'll eat for you.

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He would be their God. But I think he'd find it a little trying, I've never heard of a zombie with a passion for cooking their food