Hitoshi Sakimoto

best known for scoring the games Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, though he has composed soundtracks for over 70 games and arranged music for more than 40 others

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1 - Usually, the director and I talk about any game material available at the time. We discuss things like story, characters and their background (even if some aspects may not be in the final game), time setting etc...

Then after those at length conversations, I would start with the theme song for the whole game. That theme song needs to encompass all the character and story background that the director and I talked about.

2 - All collaborations I have had were fun in their own way. It's always a great experience to work with people in this industry!

3 - I really enjoy Gustav Holst and Sergei Prokofiev's works.

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The people who most inspired me musically was the YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA.

And if I have to chose a 'hero', i suppose it would be Steve Jobs. (sorry for such a predictable response lol...)

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Formally, I received no training. I actually learned music through experience (that is, learning while I composed)...

However I would always try to do anything I can to learn the skill of music.. I would buy many books, analyse sheet music scores etc... so i could develop and understand the basics.

Developing the basics was just for my own practice though (I wouldn't release anything like that publicly). But in the end, I try to express my own interpretation of what the game is.

I also had lots of friends who were music teachers, which taught me a lot as well.

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Back when I was a student, a was creating games (not only creating the music, but also doing things like the programming).

And as time went on, I would receive contracted jobs which eventually shifted my role towards music and sounds.

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Well, I had been involved with the game for over a year... But in terms of actually producing the music itself, everything was made in around 1 month!

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During the days of chiptunes, I always tried to do my best to express my music within the limitations of the sound hardware.

Nowadays, maintaining my expression of my music is still important, but at least there no restraints in terms of technical limitations.

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音楽に興味を持った理由は・・・・、わかりません。w そういう生き物だったようです。 私自身は若干の演奏のトレーニングしか受けていませんので、作曲は学んでいませんが、 勉強をしていてもしていなくても、とにかく曲を沢山書く事が重要だと思います。 できれば楽しんで!

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Of course! Information about the game in necessary... It's the only clue I have in the beginning of the process.

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I entered the industry because i love games, and used to play many, many games.

But these days, unfortunately I simply don't have the time to play the games that I want :-(

As a gamer, I like the typical games out there... But especially, I like games where you cant immediately figure out 'why' they're fun, but you just have to try it for yourself and it will grow on you.

Some examples that spring to mind are 'Flower' and 'Left 4 Dead 2'.

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I'm a fist bumper.. maybe cause i'm a Tekken kinda guy? lol...