Harry Shearer

is an American actor, humorist, writer, voice artist, musician, author, radio host and filmmaker. He is known for his long-running roles on The Simpsons, his work on Saturday Night Live, the comedy band Spinal Tap and his radio program Le Show.

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No, that name was given to my dad when he hit Ellis Island. It's a shortened version of his family name, Sheepshearer.

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Uh huh.

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I think it can go on until Fox finds another hit comedy for Sunday night at 8--so, basically, another 50 years.

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A: Lionel Hutz. B: Mr. Burns.

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Still got you pop-bottle collection?

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True. It's something perfect, in the sense that if I told you Jerry Lewis made a serious movie about a clown in a concentration camp, you couldn't imagine it anywhere near as bizarre and uncomfortable as what was actually done.

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1) Release the hounds. I've adapted it for my yoga practice: "Release the hands".
2) So many: right now deep into Nicholas Payton, going back to Ron Carter. As for singers, Mel Torme of the old guard, and a UK friend Ian Shaw among the current crop. 3) No.

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Man, he was the greatest. A very funny actor, with, obviously a million characters and sounds (he was the sound of Jack Benny's old broken-down car!), and a very nice man to me when I was a child actor. He had a son the same age as me, and so he took a certain fatherly interest--and I don't mean that in the ecclesiastical sense.

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I think it's just because the water content in that sketch was higher than in any other sketch