Hank Green

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is an American entrepreneur, musician, and vlogger. He is best known for his YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers where he regularly uploads videos along with his brother, John Green.

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Talk about your brother...is he pretty cool and handsome and talented or what?

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  1. John Green is a very handsome, intelligent, and wise man. He smells really weird though

  2. No, not at all, just as I'm sure you are unable to internalize the effect that your books have had on people. It is really cool to have had that effect, and the fact that I can in no way internalize it stops me from wanting more.

  3. Carnegie Hall was pretty great. Mostly when I think about it I think about how I was completely unable to have a useful conversation with Neil Gaiman despite his valiant attempts to engage with me.

EDIT - John Green is incapable of passing up an opportunity for easy karma.

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Of course.

ecogeek1435 karma

This would be a really great way to self-destruct our friendship.

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I think they're all a little young for me...

EDIT - These are the heroines of my brother's books.

EDIT 2 - The much funnier answer would have been "Katherine."

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I literally have "Hank Green" sitting on the shelf right next to me. Ellen sent me a copy when it came out.

This isn't a coincidence by the way, Ellen won a contest to have my album named after her. Good thing she has such a cool name.

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Hank is an extinct hominine species that is dated to about 7 million years ago, possibly very close to the time of the chimpanzee/human divergence, and so it is unclear whether Hank should be regarded as a member of the Hominini tribe.

note - this is an inside joke stemming from the fact that on the Vlogbrothers channel, which I share with my brother John, he starts every video by saying "Good Morning Hank" and new viewers often ask in the comments "Who the Eff is Hank" because they do not know that the video is part of a seven-year-long conversation between Brothers.

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I actually owe a punishment so...

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I think I could do history...but I dunno if John could do science :-)

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I had a very good teacher in 2nd grade who was convinced that I was going to be a scientist. She gave me books and articles and told my parents to do the same and I remain convinced that she's the reason I'm interested in science...because she expected it of me. Teachers are the best. Thanks Mrs. Chapman.