Haley Joel Osment

is an American actor. Osment rose to fame with his performance as Cole Sear in M. Night Shyamalan's thriller film The Sixth Sense.

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HD-DVD player...

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When you get lucky, as I did getting to work on a series of amazing films, one of the drawbacks career-wise is that the image of you at 10 or 12 or whatever is burned into people's minds for a long time. That said, I'm proud that those films are still so beloved and that they stand a good chance of being watched for many years going forward. For an actor, however, it's important to keep diversifying your work and trusting that eventually people will see the span rather than just that moment in time.

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Found Footage. 100%

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Hahaha i was still a few years away from puberty at that point but Bruce's radiant manliness certainly cannot be denied. He was great to work with, and I wish I had been a little older at the time because apparently there were some pretty great Willis-DJed crew parties on the weekends at the Philadelphia Convention center.

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I saw an interview with a mortician in LA Weekly or something years ago. His response to one question has stayed with me. They asked him if seeing all the ways people die made him afraid of accidents and the like. He said No, in fact it made him feel more at peace with his imminent death because it really can happen at any time--HOWEVER, one common accident that really upset him and changed his driving habits was seeing small children that had been run over in parking lots, since they were shorter than the mirrors. So look over your shoulder when backing out of that space!

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thank you! I loved that show from season 1...I did not pick-up on the McIlhenny/Osment doppelganger situation until I read an interview where Charlie Day described Rob's being accosted on an airplane by a lady who refused to believe he wasn't me. I was thrilled to be asked to do even a promo. I thought about doing a cursory Ancestry.com search after talking to Rob and Kaitlin because both Rob and I have very very Irish ancestry.....but that probably would have been a bit creepy.

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I used to catch fence lizards growing up in California with a bamboo pole and humane snare (only catch-and-release!) . Then I got serious at about age 8 and got a leopard gecko. They are great pets if you're into reptiles. This is true: I still have that same lizard (Pete). He's 18 years old and they live even longer.

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Side note: that building was the setting used for filming a lot of movies in the 90s (including 12 Monkeys). People like JFK and Billy Graham spoke there long ago and it has since been demolished. It's weird to go by there now and think of everything that took place in that space. A very Sixth Sense theme!

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Din's Fire

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It was surreal sitting at the bar in Paddy's Pub after watching that show for years and years and years. The cast is the opposite of their characters, I might add. Such nice people.