Guinevere Turner

Guinevere turner
is an American actress and screenwriter. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She is best known as the screenwriter of such films as American Psycho and The Notorious Bettie Page

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queen_guinevere118 karma

No one can disagree with me on whether it is all in his head in the movie. I wrote the script. Or I guess they can "disagree" all they want. It's not really a matter of opinion.

queen_guinevere90 karma

Thumbs up to getting it!

queen_guinevere54 karma

Thank you! I am trying to clarify and I get down voted? Not cool!

queen_guinevere50 karma

Thank you! I think Christian was flawless. So good. No improv or ad lib there. The only thing he did that wasn't in the script was to moonwalk right before he kills Jared Leto. Which I thought was genius, but Bret Ellis wrote in an article that he thought it was too much.

queen_guinevere39 karma

Yeah, Uwe was tough. He yelled at me. No one is allowed to yell at me.

queen_guinevere35 karma

Really? I didn't write the novel? Because I got very confused and thought I wrote the novel and actually it's Bret Easton Ellis who is all in my head. Thank you so much for reminding me. Phew. I am so embarrassed.

queen_guinevere21 karma

Not really. I mean I guess it helped to have dismembered a few bodies in my youth, but other than that, no.

queen_guinevere21 karma

I guess Ultra has the answer. In the book it seems like it's all in his head, but it is still ambiguous. In the movie it is not all in his head. There, clarified.

queen_guinevere15 karma

Let us not forget that a film based on a book can have a different point than the book.

queen_guinevere14 karma

Or... maybe... the world he lives in is so desensitized and commerce based that they just cleaned that shit up and kept it quiet because they want to sell the place...