Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito

known for his roles in such films as Do the Right Thing, The Usual Suspects and King of New York, and for his portrayal of Gustavo "Gus" Fring on the AMC series Breaking Bad

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I am. And I love it.

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Absolutely. I felt like it was the good, the bad and the ugly.

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I wanted to have Gustavo be a character who is very quiet and measured. I felt that if where hiding in plain sight, within the community he would be extremely aware, hyper vigilant... even a man who pays extreme attention to details. I remember a performance by Eddie Olmos in the series Miami Vice - he was completely flatlined. I always wanted to play a character who draws YOU as a viewer to him.

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The most difficult was episode 408 at Hermanos. Because as a character Gus had to feel emotions he had never felt befoee. Always in control through the series and when faced with Don Eladio, I felt completely humbled and I had lost my positon of power. And it didn't feel very good. I was feeling vulnerable. Afraid for my life. And very, very, very frightened.

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Some of the cast does break character -- after all it should be fun. But, for me as Gustavo I try to stay in the mix of the characters parameters. I stay quiet. Only because I have to say so much without words. I want my body and mind and emotions to be really clear so I stay focused.

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No promises : )

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I didn't forget you, bcgraham... Here's your resolution. Click HERE for the video response.

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The video was actually made 2 years before I appeared as the chicken man. I was about to take a flight and my girlfriend was the one of the flight attendants. She said all of her colleagues were hungry so I stopped and bought 4 chicken dinners. I got to the plane and shared it with all of them. When I sat down to eat my plate of chicken, one of the other flight attendants thought she was taking a photo, but she was really taking a video! I was so exhausted I started doing that dance and she named it the "Jump Seat Chicken".

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Yes actually! I stole a coffee mug that I liked because it was so colorful and had the Pollos Hermanos logo on it. I also stole an eraser. I love those old fashion erasers that fit on the end of a pencil, it reminds me of grade school.

EDIT: Click HERE for Video Response

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Hmm, I think I may remember this guy. I think.