Gerald Casale

often known as Jerry Casale, is a vocalist, bass guitar / synthesizer player, and a founding member (with Mark Mothersbaugh and Bob Lewis) of the new wave band Devo.

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The Cars were radio safe. Candified new wave and insipid lyrics drooling over the Yoni. We had content and that's why we were the pionners who got scalped. But we remained relevant, the Cars did not.

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We did something right!

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Horror and disgust at the prevailing culture we experienced in Ohio.

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Nothing funny about energy domes. They collect the power that escapes from the crown of the head and re-cycle it for more creativity.

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Let's talk!

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It is about the triumph of the altruistic gene over petty self interest.

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The law concerning hybrid lifeforms is still fuzzy at best. It would be a long legal battle ending in the Supreme Court.

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Certainly. How about a Hard Core Devo tour?

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Lorne refused to let us back on SNL