George Virden Watsky

performs slam poetry, and was featured on Season 6 of Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry on HBO.

Hosted AMAs

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I gotta admit I occasionally lurk on r/HipHopHeads to see what brutally honest non-fans say about my shit. I think it's good to do that because the other side of the coin is only listening to the opinions of fans who love my material and are going to stroke my ego. And I can't get better if I'm only listening to the opinions of people who think my music is perfect (it's not). I have the luxury of getting positive reinforcement about my work all the time, so I like to see what people who think I suck have to say. Sometimes they articulate what they don't like about me really well, and if I take that with a grain of salt, I can learn from it

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fuck yeah

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If I've ever won the San Francisco middle school citywide ballroom tango competition

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i like to fold it over three or four times and then really dig the corner of it in there

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well, captainfaggot, i understand why a lot of folks are curious about this and

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awesome, kim is the best! also, sidenote, she's the girl from the beginning of the ninjas in paris video. she was lip syncing my words so because she had short hair some people thought she might be a boy. when in fact she is one of the loveliest ladies you will ever meet

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1 shot. my nerf dart marksmanship is lethal