Genndy Borisovich Tartakovsky

best known for the Cartoon Network's animated television series, including Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Star Wars: Clone Wars, and Sym-Bionic Titan

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iamgenndytartakovsky2207 karma

Working on it

iamgenndytartakovsky2139 karma

I have no inside information

But yes

iamgenndytartakovsky1868 karma

Omelette du fromage!

iamgenndytartakovsky953 karma

Money, distribution. It's hard to sell a 2D action oriented stylized movie in this marketplace

BUT if HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA does well it will definitely help

iamgenndytartakovsky829 karma

Coz they keep f-cking changing it!

iamgenndytartakovsky781 karma

Not coming out yet! Trying to make it happen. It would be a beginning and an end all in one story.

iamgenndytartakovsky777 karma

It might? It was all finished

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There was an episode like that called RUDE REMOVAL but it was for kids, about Dexter trying to remove the rudeness from Dee Dee. But he ended up making a rude version of himself and Dee Dee. They cursed but it was bleeped! Cartoon Network didn't want to air it, they thought it was too harsh

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Thank you! The toys look great

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Next time I do a public appearance I'll bring it with me!