Gene Hong

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is an American writer, actor and producer. He may be best known for being in the original cast of MTV's Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out.

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We have this crazy thing in the writers room that keeps track of every reference the show has ever made called a "Tim Saccardo."

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I like writing for Magnitude. I'm really good at writing the first "pop" but can't seem to get a handle on the second one. Ganz usually helps me.

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I've heard industry gossip cover the entire spectrum, from "no way we'll get more episodes" to "it's a coin flip" to "for sure we'll get more!" If I were a gambling man, AND I AM, I'd be willing to bet Andy Bobrow's house on us getting more episodes.

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Real talk: Tim gives a great HJ.

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Danny is a really good kisser.