Garry Newman

created a sandbox physics game using a modified Source engine. Garry's Mod has been available on Valve's content delivery service, Steam, since November 29, 2006

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"The most rewarding part was when I got my money"

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I know. It's terrible. It happened on accident really - because I didn't expect it to become a big thing.

I guess it has the advantage of lowering everyone's expectations.

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I remember. I'm still angry.

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Hah! There aren't any rules. Valve are like, here's the code to the engine, here's the source to all the maps and models. Have fun!

The only real rules are common sense rules.. like don't give the source code out. Valve are really really cool. They're always willing to help, but they mostly get out of the way.

I'm sure if I was playing with anyone else's IP there'd be a bunch of rules like - don't make this character look stupid etc. But they understand it all.

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sandbox or something

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It's hard.

I always want to do things outside of Garry's Mod.. but I always get sucked back in. It's making that much money, and that many people are playing it - that I'd feel like I wasn't doing my job if I wasn't working on it.

We started staffing up our office this year. So we're experimenting with other game ideas. We're trying not to aim too big though - I don't want to make AAA games. So we're hoping to find a nice indie mid level game to work on.

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I was talking to Valve and they asked me if I wanted to sell it on Steam. I laughed and said no "who would buy it!?". Then a couple of months later they said something like "you should really think about selling it". So I said - yeah fuck it - why not. It was an excuse to re-code it from scratch - that swung it for me.

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Yeah! Gabe told me it's his kid's favourite game right now!

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I had learned C++ a year or two before I made GMod. It was all self taught.

When I started making Garry's Mod I couldn't code for shit. I made a full 2D game engine in C++ with DirectX - but I didn't understand the Source engine at all. Coding Garry's Mod gave me a real education in it.. to the point where I actually understand stuff I'm changing now(!)

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It's kind of weird. But people started moaning the same about the HL1 SDK right before HL2 was released. So maybe something big is coming.