Gabe Newell

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is the co-founder and managing director of video game development and online distribution company Valve Corporation.

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Well, I'm a handsome man with a charming personality.

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It's entertaining for my friends.

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Thanks, presidentjim/Gtwy for all of your help. We still remember your site about the leak as an invaluable resource. Weren't we directly in touch with you, back then? Obviously we were working closely with the FBI during that time, but they could not share with us which sources led to the arrest, and which ones didn't. From what we could tell, though, you guys were doing far more to uncover Ago than anything the Feds could do. We think it was one of the first cases in which the authorities were humbled by what a community of motivated people on the Internet can do. Edit: Thanks to Xemo, too.

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4Chan sent us a crate and offered to sell us a key to open it. We sold it on craigslist.

Humanitarian's Hachimaki.

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Very cool. Can't wait for twitch plays Dota 2.

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Mario 64.

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Post pics or it didn't happen.

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Because it was better than "Rhino Scar"

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To support the fund raising effort we are doing for Seattle Children's Hospital with the Heart of Racing effort.