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All the Sunday Secrets this Sunday will be Mother related due to Mother's Day here in the US. Here's a sneak peek at one. "My son just turned 21. He still believes I'm his sister. So does my husband."

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Today I received 77 secrets in my mailbox. Here is one, "My wife had gastric-bypass surgery. My biggest fear came true. She reached her goal weight and asked me for a divorce. I love her for every pound!"

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Q: "Have you ever posted a secret of your own?"

A: Yes, I have one of my own secrets in every book.

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For me the most disturbing secret was a photograph of a young girl who had cut her face so that it appeared as though she was crying blood tears. (I just remember that image not the secret.)

Another time I was contacted by the FBI about a secret. I am unable to share the details of that secret.

Of course, another kind of disturbing secret I get often is; "I pee in the shower" <grin>.

I will be back a 2PM EST to answer more. . .

Thanks, -Frank

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Got it. Thanks.

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Q: "How do you decide what to put in the books or omit?"

A: I get hundreds every week and try to select secrets for that I have not seen before or that express a common secret in a new of visually interesting way. I always try to include secrets that touch on the full range of human emotion. So there will always be at least one secret that's funny, shocking, erotic, controversial, hopeful, etc. I also try to arrange the secrets so they tell a story.

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This is not an answer just a "thank you" to all of you for your support of PostSecret - you are the most important part of the project. -Frank

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Q: "Is there any realistic chance of the PostSecret App coming back in the near future."

A: Sorry no, the App had a short but brilliant life. One weekend it was the most purchased App in the Apple store. But it's popularity and some design flaws on my part sunk it. Like the Blog I wanted all users to have complete anonymity. And ultimately that did not work. We are looking at the possibility of bringing the best App secrets and stories back as a book or creating a keyword searchable database for all 2,000,000 secrets. So the App is like a zombie, it's not dead yet.

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Q: "Do you ever regret starting PostSecret? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed and just want to forget the whole thing? (I hope not!)"

A: Not yet, I still feel like a kid Christmas morning when I check the mailbox.

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Q: "On an unrelated note, when you're not sifting through secrets, what are your favorite hobbies outside the books/website?"

A: I like to travel with my daughter and wife and go on hikes with our dog Shadow. Tonight I want to go to the "This American Life" special movie event but it is sold out in my neighborhood. So I'm going to try to sneak in...shh, my secret.