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  1. people who talk loudly and stand at the front. No one has any obligation to give a shit about what I do, but if you don't, don't stand right in front of me, it's nonsensical as well as rude.
  2. uhm, I had to fight a hippy once, that was odd. I also punched myself in the balls by accident onstage at a festival once. That was bad.
  3. England, Germany or America. Boring but true.
  4. Catch-22 is probably my favourite book. I also love Douglas Coupland.

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Haha, oh lord I need to watch my mouth sometimes. A very small amount.

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Hahah hello Ben. How about at SXSW?

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Hi there. Answers. 1. Interesting question. Firstly, I don't think that individualism / libertarianism necessarily excludes communal activity; it just excludes non-voluntary communitarianism. To me it's kind of like the difference between sex and rape - consent makes a world of difference. I should also add that my outlook on politics has shifted somewhat since I started writing songs. That's not to disown things I've said in the past so much, but at the same time I reserve the right to mature in my views between the ages of 23 and 30 (like everyone else!). 2. Micah's ace as are the Suburban Home lot. The show was fun. I guess I dont have anything specific in the pipeline but I'd like to play with a lot of SH artists soon, especially Tim Barry.

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Haha, that's just kind of a little joke with myself. I'm very proud of that song, it says a lot of stuff I wanted to say, and outlines something of an approach to life I can get behind.

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As of right now I guess I'd say not.

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Most proud... tough question. Right now, Redemption and Balthazar spring to mind, but there are days when I think back through things I've done and remember, say, "My Kingdom For A Horse", which I'm very proud of.

Weirdness, well, that's a day to day event really. Greg, my photographer got rugby tackled and dryhumped by a total stranger from a car in Oakland the other day. That was odd.

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Uh, it's very nice. He's a lovely guy, very genuine and honest character.

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Also, Nirvana.

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GH... well, I came up with the chorus a long time ago and kind of set it aside as provocative but not much more. Jay (Beans On Toast) heard me playing it and insisted that I finish the song - not because he necessarily agreed with it, but because he thought it was an important idea to be expanded upon. Thereafter I spent ages working on the words, trying to make sure all the subtleties of my opinion were in there. Truth - Mostly all of it is true, or at least alludes to true occasions. I'm not very good with fiction. Wessex boy, haha, well, I was just being an idiot and forgot how to count briefly. The take was good so we thought we'd keep it. I like it when records aren't 100% polished / perfect.